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Cheap Flights to Jakarta (Indonesia)

Cheap Flights To Jakarta

Jakarta is known for its pleasing scenery and culture

Jakarta is being the capital city of Indonesia, a nation consisting of above thirteen thousand islets with a populace of more than 180 million. The city is special in the sense that it enjoys the position of a province, including Greater Jakarta which covers 637, 44 square kilometer area. Situated on the north shore of West Java is known to be the center of governmental administration and business.

Strategically situated in the archipelago, Jakarta is as well the chief doorway to the whole of Indonesia. From this place, sophisticated area, air as well as sea transportation is accessible to the whole of the nation and further.

Numerous flights land at the worldwide airports of Jakarta. There are several airdromes located in Jakarta recognize both domiciles as well as international flights.


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From October till April is the low season as it is the wet period. Heavy rainfall during this time attracts some travellers.this is the best time to find cheap flights to Jakarta and budget price for accommodation as well. It is important to know that jakarta is located at the mouth of the Ciliwung River and heavy rains can cause flooding. If you wish to visit during the low season, you can choose the month of March, at the time of Java Jazz Festival is held.basically in this event all the world-class musicians and artists comes from all over the world.

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Local transport

Traffic has to turn out to be a feature of Jakarta. Driving personal vehicles seem to squander additional time on the street owing usual traffic jams. Sauntering on the paths is as well not a luminous idea since roadsides in the city aren't secure for pedestrians. The public transport consists of Busway and KAI Commuter Jabodetabek for the people.

Travel excitement for the populace

A marvelous stimulation for the clients to journey the places

  • City Breaks
  • Beach festivals
  • Winter voyage
  • Holidays along with the fiesta
  • Shopping around the places
  • Last minutes visit


Unforgettable places for roving

Istiqlal Mosque

 Installed in the year 1978, Istiqlal Mosque is possessed via Indonesian State Secretary by Ministry of Spiritual Issues of Indonesian Republic.

Istiqlal denotes ‘Independence' is regarded as a reminder of Indonesia's resist for nationwide autonomy. It's 17 years structure was personally administered via the primary President of the Indonesian Republic known as Soekarno. At present, this mosque has to turn out to be the major mosque in South-east region of Asia both in making and ability, as it can lodge worshippers of up to one hundred twenty thousand people, has four levels of a terrace.


Wayang is considered to be a dramatic presentation employing puppets or else individual dancer. The puppet possibly will form of leather which present shadow puppets play or else of timber. Wayang Museum keeps collections of Wayang from several territories in Indonesia as well as even from other nations. The concept of building the museum began while H. Ali Sadkin, the administrator of DKI Jakarta, was present at the 2nd Wayang museum week that is in the year 1974.

With the help of the committee of the Wayang Museum Week as well as museum lovers and the governor, the museum was officially opened on 13th August in 1975 via the governor of the place DKI Jakarta, H. Ali Sadkin.


 Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics Jakarta

 The structure of Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics was done on 12 January 1870. At the time of Japan as well as Dutch colonialism, this structure was utilized for armed dormitory as well as supplies storeroom. When the nation Indonesia got autonomy in the year 1967, the structure was employed as West Jakarta Mayor's Office until the year 1973. In the year1974, it was modernized and utilized as Jakarta's Museum including the History Agency workplace and lastly as solemnized as Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics in the year1990.

The museum has about 500 fine artistic works from different time periods. Those fine art works were made of diverse materials as well as procedures, like the wooden totem, drawing, Batik picture, and lots more. If you adore picture, you will love to trip this museum, as has numerous painting compilation with a variety of type. The work of art made by Indonesia's well-known artists like Affandi,  Raden Saleh, S. Sudjojono and numerous more are exhibited in this museum.


Jakarta Cathedral

The Roman Catholic Church had been forbidden during mainly the presence of the Protestant Dutch in the region of Indonesia.

The church was lastly allowable to function when Napoleon set up his brother as the monarch of Indonesia in the year1806. Therefore, the Jakarta church was initially built in 1810; however, it collapsed in the year 1890, following a fire had destabilized its basics. The current church, inaugurated in 1901 close to Merdeka Square, is the portion of the inheritance of this later age of the Dutch East Indies. The architecture, feature of Europe in the nineteenth and the twentieth centuries, will glee fine art lovers. One will identify it via it's two finely carved towers that rise such as arrows above the construction and which are almost 60 meters in height. This amazing building, situated crosswise from the Istiqlal Mosque, carries its share of somberness and magnificence to the past region of the capital.


Museum Bahari

. This Maritime Museum is situated in the north of the Jakarta 5-minute stroll from Taman Fatahillah. One can also arrive at it with no trouble from the old port of Sunda Kelapa. This is just after the Syahbandar tower furthermore the Pasar Ikan, the Fish Market of the place Luar Batang.

As its given name points to, this Museum has a compilation of objects connected to Jakarta along with Indonesia's marine narration. It includes numerous genuine boats, a few small-scale boat imitations from diverse areas of Indonesia such as Pines, Lansing, Gelati, a number of navigation gear and utensils, a few paintings and a few photos. You can as well read about varied themes such as the record of spice deal in Indonesia, migration, boat structural design, the Indonesian fleet, the construction of Tanjung Priok, etc.


Planetarium Jakarta

 Planetarium Jakarta is supposed to be an instructive touring facility that offers simulations relating to astronomy as well as celestial stuff. The existence of this structure is extremely helpful for Indonesian populace, particularly scholars, as it's actually supportive in raising awareness concerning the earth as well as external space discipline. At Planetarium Jakarta one could observe Planetarium Show, generally known as Star Theater. This show takes nearly one hour time with a variety of subjects like Lunar Eclipse, Solar System, Solar Eclipse as well as Little Voyager at Lunar System etc  Besides the Star Theater demonstration there's as well a CD show that gives details of the theories concerning astral as the middle of solar system as well as the theories concerning the development of universe.


Accommodation facilities

Finding lodging in Jakarta is moderately trouble-free and prices are sensible when evaluated to those in the Western cities or else other Asian cities, for instance, Hong Kong moreover Singapore. Though, rental payment is frequently essential upfront.

Expats traveling to Jakarta can offer fee on monthly terms however it is quite less expensive to offer rent for an extended period, for instance, six months to one year.

Dine restaurants

What's a banquet without outstanding foodstuff, appetizing cocktails, and mauve in a sophisticated ambiance? Jakarta especially has a plentiful alternative of very well restaurants. We have accumulated a variety of the most excellent dining restaurants in Jakarta meant for the particular time or just to generate enjoyable memories.


Jakarta covers the majority of varied interests in the amusement department. There are numerous active roads for party-goers, a harbor entertainment compound close by that comes whole with seashore, and abundance of museums as well as cultural magnetism.

Sports activity

A profusion of particular interest sports bands can be set up all through the expatriate society in Jakarta. Most assemblage is organized via volunteers in the group of people by a community and public services.

Children's games are prepared by parents, generally utilizing the services at the global schools. Larger worldwide schools start gung-ho sports plans for youngsters in the 9th standard, at the age of  14.